Writing and Reading this Spring at the NYCWP

March 19, 2021

Last Updated on by Jane Higgins

The NYCWP is currently has two programs underway: the Spring Writers Residency and the reading workshop “Reading Fiction Like a Writer.” Read about the programs below, and be sure to look out for similar programming in the future!

The Spring Writers Residency

This MFA-style workshop, designed for writers with works already in progress, draws participants through a series of intensive exercises, readings, and submissions of their own writing, toward a goal of improving and completing projects in various genres. Residents will be responsible for providing feedback to one another and participating in conversations about craft, style, form, function, and creative choices that deepen or texturize writing. Each resident will have the opportunity to submit two writing samples, which will be analyzed alongside mentor and master texts, to help each writer better understand their own strengths and points for future development.

Reading Fiction Like a Writer

Writers read fiction not just for enjoyment, but also to examine closely the “tools of the trade” as they look in the hands of masters. This monthly reading and discussion group will focus on how various writers use different forms, styles, and techniques to draw their readers into fictional worlds. We will read one novel per month, with a focus on works in translation and marginalized voices, to explore the relationship between story, form, and craft with an eye to apply these techniques to our own creative projects, regardless of genre.

Participants are currently reading the following texts:

  • Slave Old Man, Patrick Chamoiseau
  • Human Acts, Han Kang
  • Weather, Jenny Offill
  • Pedro Páramo, Juan Rulfo
  • On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous, Ocean Vuong