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As a legacy site of the National Writing Project (www.nwp.org), the New York City Writing Project is one of the oldest and most successful sites in a network of approximately 200 university-based professional development programs throughout the country.  The NYCWP focuses the knowledge, expertise and leadership of New York City’s educators on sustained efforts to improve reading and writing for all learners across subject areas.  In doing so, the NYCWP builds professional communities of teachers and school leaders to promote literacy education as a crucial means of instructional reform.  To accomplish these goals, the NYCWP believes that teachers need:

·      frequent and ongoing opportunities to write;

·      to examine theory, research and practice together systematically;

·      to develop, improve upon and share their practice in professional communities;

·      deep trust in their own capacities as well as those of their students;

·      a commitment to education as a source of equity, access and social justice.

Teachers from schools throughout the diverse neighborhoods of New York City take part in Project-sponsored seminars, workshops, graduate courses, and special summer institutes, as well as receive support in their schools from on-site NYCWP teacher-consultants.  The NYCWP also works directly with students by offering three-week summer institutes for young writers.

The NYCWP’s professional development model derives from scholarship and practice around a number of related areas, including writing-across-the-curriculum, composition and rhetoric, professional development, teacher professional communities and school leadership.

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For information about how to partner with the NYCWP, please contact newyorkcitywritingproject@gmail.com.