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Our community boasts frequent publication and conference presentation in various outlets and venues throughout the country.  What follows is an extremely abbreviated list of some recently published works and recently presented conferences.



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Koffler-Wise, A. was the recipient of the BRIO (Bronx Recognizes Its Own) Award from the Bronx Council on the Arts for her poetry in 2006. She will be receiving a cash award and recognition at an awards ceremony at Hostos.

McMahon, M. “Just-in-Case Stones.” Necessary Fiction, 2016. Also named Fiction of the Week by Access online at

McMahon, M. “5150.” Berkeley Fiction Review, 2015. 3rd place, Sudden Fiction contest 2015.

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Allison, P. Ambassador for Connected Learning. National Writing Project Webinars. May – June 2012.

Allison, P. Cherry, C., Nordlinger, J. & Sloan, C. “Connected Learning with Youth Voices.” NWP Radio. June 2012.

Allison, P. “Youth Voices.” MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Conference. San Francisco,  CA. March 2012.

Allison, P. “Youth Voices: Teaching Students How to Engage in Random Acts of Commenting Kindness.”  Educon 4.2. Philadelphia, PA. January 2012.

Allison, P. (with Suzie Boss, Edutopia, and Katherine Schulten, NY Times). “Ripped from the Headlines: Real Events Yield Relevant Projects.” International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Philadelphia, PA. June 2011.

Allison, P. “Reading the Research: Ethical Dimensions of Writing Online.” National Writing Project Annual Meeting. Orlando, FL. November 2010.

Allison, P. & Raffaele, G. (with Barry Joseph, Global Kids). “Taking Gaming to the Next Level.” National Writing Project Annual Meeting. Orlando, FL. November 2010.

Allison, P. Writing Project Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, November 2005. Gave a workshop about Digital Writing in which he presented on a wiki what he had done with his students at East Side Community High School in NYC.

Avidon, E., Giorgi, D., Koffler-Wise, A. and Thompson, S. “Exploring Impact: Working Alongside Colleagues and the Challenge of Writing About That Work.” National Writing Project Annual Meeting. Las Vegas, NV. November 2012.

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Bellacero, J. and Meyer, P. “Choosing a Focus for a Common Core-Aligned Module.” NWP Literacy in the Common Core National Meeting. Louisville, KY. February 2013.

Bellacero, J. “Preparing Students for Academic Argument.” Literacy Design Collaborative/NWP Summer Institute. Park City, UT. August 2012.

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Conason, J. Presented at With Different Eyes: A Conference for Teachers of English Learners Across the Disciplines on Saturday, November 5, 2005 in Los Angeles, California. Her session, Putting ‘Standard English’ in its Place (K-12) addressed issues of teaching English Language Learners and English dialect speakers to become fluent in Standard English usage.

Ellowitch, A. “Advisement and College Counseling.” CUNY’s Annual College Transitions Conference. Hostos Community College, Bronx, NY. May 6, 2011.

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Giorgi, D. “Reading and Writing Historical Argument.” Literacy in the Common Core National Meeting. Louisville KY. February 2013.

Gulla, A. Penn Ethnography Forum: Putting the “Shop” in Reading Workshop: An Ethnographic Study of English Language Arts Practices in a Vocational High School with Jennifer Ochoa and Anne George, teachers at Smith CTE

Gulla, A. & Schulten, K. “A Gallery Walk Through the Dust Bowl.” National Writing Project Urban Sites Conference, Philadelphia, PA., May 2004.

Higgins, J. and Allison, P. “International Community Voices: Including Our Newest Immigrants in Youth Voices.” National Writing Project Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN., November 2015.

Higgins, J. and Kingham, K. “Bringing Back Week-Long Open Institutes to Provide Access to More Educators.” National Writing Project Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN., November 2015.

Higgins, J. and McMahon, M. “Writing Clubs: OST Transforming Teacher Practice.” National Writing Project Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA., November 2016.

Koffler-Wise, A. and Thompson, S. “Creative Approaches to the Common Core: An Out-of-Classroom Experience!” Intersections, an NWP Event. Denver, CO. June 2013

Koffler-Wise, A. and Thompson, S. “The Uncommon Core: Writing Argument from a Place of Curiosity and Engagement.” NWP Annual Meeting. Las Vegas, NV. November 2012.  Annual Conference. Albany, NY. May 2013.

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Mintz, N. National Writing Project Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, November 2005. Roundtable: Closing the Achievement Gap, “Writing Project Sites in the 21st

Mintz, N. “Writing Project and Network Responses to NCLB and Local District­wide Reform Initiatives.” National Writing Project Urban Sites Conference, Philadephia, Pa., May 2004.

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Osterman, E. TSEOL Conference, New York University, “Reading a Second Language in Collaborative Groups.” Facilitated with Nancy Dunetz, November 2005.

Perl, S. A founder and long-time member of the NYCWP, gave the keynote address before the November 2005 NCTE conference. Her remarks were around her newly published book, On American Soil: Teaching Those I Was Taught to Hate.

Raffaele, G. “English Language Learners at Flushing International High School.” Congressional Briefing: Discussion on Second Language Learners and Immigrant Students. Washington D.C. May 2011.

Takahashi, C. “Teaching Dictionary Use Skills in the Classroom.” NYS TESOL 42nd NY. November 2012.

Wasserman, P. Presented a workshop Working Together on Health Literacy at the Bronx Health Literacy  Century: Contents, Challenges and Visions”.  Conference at Lehman College on May 5, 2006.

Wasserman, P. and Ellowitch, A. Presented a workshop on Integrating GED Test Preparation Into Theme-Based Curricula at CUNY’s BE, GED, ESOL Conference at the CUNY Grad Center, March 2006.

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Wolfe, M. “What is College Writing Today?” Panel. National Writing Project Radio. July 2012. <>

Wolfe, M. “First Year Writing Program: Writing for Publication.” Faculty Development Retreat sponsored by the St. John’s University Institute for Writing Studies. Queens, NY. July 2011.

Wolfe, M. “Professional Development and Teacher Quality.” Assessing Teaching Improving Learning: A Convening Sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Washington, DC. October 2011.

Wolfe, M. and Mintz, N. Presented “Moving Students toward Revision in Writing” at the Annual Forum of The College Board in New York City on November 1, 2005.