Professional Affiliations

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Collaboration and the ability to learn from and teach others are at the cornerstone of our work.  True to this belief not only in the services we provide but in our all aspects of our organization, the NYCWP is an active participant in several professional organizations.

  • As a program of the Institute for Literacy Studies, the NYCWP has the opportunity to collaborate with several other Bronx-based professional development organizations.  The Institute for Literacy Studies at Lehman College advances urban education reform by strengthening literacy and mathematics teaching and by supporting teachers as key educational decision-makers. They conduct professional development, program evaluation, and research projects in educational settings ranging from schools to colleges and community organizations.
  • The New York City Writing Project is a legacy site of the National Writing Project.  Nearly 200 university-based Writing Project sites span all 50 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, providing professional development and leadership opportunities to more than 100,000 K-16 teachers each year. Within the NWP, there are additional opportunities to collaborate with other WP sites, such as the Empire State Writing Project Network (ESWPN), and other location and focus-specific networks.
  • The NYCWP was thrilled to be accepted as a member of the Hive NYC Learning Network in early 2014.  Working with the Hive’s technology-based programming can help kids find and follow their interests more deeply. The Learning Network is comprised of community and cultural groups whose focus is to connect kids to collections, new information, peers, mentors, and new experiences using digital media and mobile technology in fun ways.  One of NYCWP’s favorite things about being a member of the Hive is that all members of the Learning Network collaborate to share resources, which has helped us to both increase the Project’s reach and to learn from the expertise of others
  • The NYCWP has spent the last year participating with the NYC Department of Education (DOE)’s Partnership Institute, whose members include The Metropolitan Museum, The Intrepid Museum and Facing History, among others.  Group meetings allow  participants to learn about new NYCDOE initiatives while providing DOE personnel with information about their own organizations’ work with NYC teachers and students. The NYCWP was selected to co-facilitate a series of workshops on literacy and the CCLS with The Metropolitan Museum. These workshops resulted in the immersion of participants throughout the program in Writing Project methods and ideology.
  • In 2016, we partnered with The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards to provide jurors for the New York Region of the competition. This was a great opportunity for our teachers to support student writing in new ways, and to see what students in other schools around the city are working on. Participants cited gaining confidence and ideas for their classroom; desire to introduce students to the competition; and feeling a sense of excitement about student writing among the largest benefits of participation.