Join the NYCWP for Writing Together #3 with the Gateway Recreation Area and National Park

January 5, 2021

Last Updated on by Jane Higgins

In the tradition of the Writing Project, we will offer a variety of interactive prompts to support writing as well as the ever-present opportunity to let your pen take you in any direction. We will conclude our session together by asking for your input about the best ways for us to continue to write together and how we can support you as we all move forward during these times.

Continued from the Fall, join us for another evening of writing together. We will be inspired by photography of the beautiful natural landscapes, historical sites, and recreational areas of the Gateway Recreation Areas across New Jersey’s shores and New York City’s boroughs.

As part of the NYCWP, you are a member of a unique community of caring educators. Let’s continue to strengthen our community by sharing this experience as writers together.

Please join us on Wednesday, January 13th at 7:00 – 8:30pm. We will conclude at 8:30 pm, but feel free to join for as long as you’re able.