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Apply for The 2020 NYCWP Summer Invitational Leadership Institute!

February 4, 2020

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Apply for a spot in the 2020 NYCWP Invitational Leadership Institute.

What is the Invitational Leadership Institute?

The NYCWP’s Summer Invitational Leadership Institute provides opportunities to:

  • Write every day and grow as a writer in a community of supportive colleagues
  • Engage in teaching and learning that is based on Writing Project principles and informs classroom practice
  • Discover connected learning technology opportunities that will inform your pedagogy
  • Identify a classroom inquiry and develop a corresponding workshop that shares your professional learning with others
  • Participate during the year following the institute as a NYCWP teacher-leader within our network.

We are inviting applications from teachers who:

  • Have 3 or more years of teaching experience
  • Demonstrate NYCWP practices OR readiness to develop NYCWP practices
  • Have an openness to learning and learning collaboratively with others
  • Are willing to be part of a community of practitioners and critical friends across schools
  • Are willing to write every day and engage in the writing process with teacher peers
  • May have an aspect of their teaching they want to develop and share through inquiry
  • Will stay connected with the NYCWP throughout the school year through a variety of participation opportunities
  • Applications will be available March 1, 2020 on this page

Apply here: