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New Feature: NYCWP Forum

September 4, 2014

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Announcing the NYCWP Forum!


One of the great things about being an NYCWP teacher (or as we sometimes call ourselves in-house, “Writing Project People”) is that you are part of a community of like-minded, creative, enthusiastic teachers.  Anyone who has ever participated in an NYCWP workshop series or Summer Institute knows what a valuable and transformative experience it can be to talk, work and share ideas with other teachers.  Our community contains teachers of grades Pre-K through 16 as well as those who teach in undergraduate and graduate classrooms.  We are teachers of history, literature, science, math, and, of course, writing.  We work in all five boroughs, the surrounding tri-state area, and sometimes other states.  We also have international participants who can lend their unique voices to our conversations.  We are a group that is diverse, but not disparate.  And we have so, so much to gain from talking to one another.


One of the biggest concerns we hear from our Summer Institute participants is that it can be difficult to sustain their friendships and continue to support one another after the summer ends and the school year beings.  Life gets in the way; people lose touch.  While we have an active listserv that many members appreciate and use, we wanted to provide a central conversation for not only those who have participated in NYCWP activities in the past, but also for those who are interested in learning more about the Project or who are uninterested in using the listserv.


Please join the conversations at the NYCWP FORUM, where you can share ideas, information and opportunities with other NYCWP teachers, as well as ask questions, get feedback and organize meetups.


We hope to see everyone there!