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Writing with Youth: Inside and Outside the Classroom

July 25, 2019

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Writing with Youth Inside and Outside of the Classroom

May 1st & 2nd, 2020

hosted by Lehman College

Bronx, New York

The Consortium of Northeast National Writing Project Sites currently seeks proposals for our first-ever regional conference. Young writers need opportunities to write regularly, wherever they are: in public spaces, with art, through civic engagement, as researchers, with digital tools, across disciplines, and during after school and summer programs. To celebrate teachers teaching teachers about what works and why, we ask:

  • How are students writing in and out of your classroom?
  • What innovations in writing instruction lead to promising student writing?
  • What’s exciting at your National Writing Project site that others need to hear about?

Writing a Proposal

Proposals must be uploaded, here, and include (a) contact name(s), (b) NWP site-affiliation, (c) contact information with email, (d) title of session to appear in program, (e) session description (no more than 500 words), (f) short summary of session (up to 60 words), (g) target audience, and (h) anticipated technology needs.

Proposal Types (All sessions will be 90 minutes long)

Teacher Practices/Demonstrations/Workshops: In this format, presenters model and share effective writing instruction practices that have led to student achievement and success, in or out of school.

Ignite: In this format, a group of presenters discuss individual work for five minutes each (20 auto-advanced slides), followed by breakout conversations that provide more detail and context of the work.

Showcase: In this format, numerous presenters will offer diverse perspectives on a topic, theme or project, allowing attendees to move about a room to learn collectively. (Individual or group proposals accepted).

Proposal form:

The deadline for proposals is extended to January 20, 2020.