Spending Summer in the 2018 Teen Writing Camp

In our 2018 Teen Writing Camp, incoming 9th-12th grade students wrote their way from Lehman College to Queens Hall of Science and then to BMCC. Together, our diverse group of students explored genres, interests, and themselves. We tried on various styles and voices and found inspiration in many places–including Lehman’s art gallery, through dramatic tableaus and mentor texts, in current exhibits at the Queens Hall of Science, and in our own experiences and imaginations. Over the two weeks that we shared, we developed into a supportive community of writers; students and teachers alike respectfully listened to one another and provided expert advice as we caringly reviewed our peers’ writing, and helped each other prepare a piece of our choice for online publication.

As one of our many warm-up activities at BMCC, students affirmed their identities.

At Lehman’s art gallery, students took on another perspective, as they wrote imaginative internal and external dialogues between subjects and with their photographers.

Students took a hands-on approach to scientific inquiry at the Queens Hall of Sciences, exploring their interests through the exhibits and conducting further research.

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