With the Summer ELLs Academy

The 2018 ELLs Academy was built on our work with youth online over the past 15 years. Students re-made themselves into social-media power users, participatory learners who know how to research and raise important issues online, get the attention of peers and decision-makers, shape arguments around issues, and take action with others. Using curricula that supports learning activities and experiences designed to engage English Language Learners, the 2018 ELLs Academy connected youth’s academic learning with their personal passions and wider concerns.

Twenty-five ninth graders at three different high schools in the city, participated in online multimedia discussions on Youth Voices (youthvoices.live) and NowComment (nowcomment.com), and learn new strategies to produce self-directed multi-modal projects that honor their own voices, passions, and unique ways of working. The program contributed to student self-efficacy, civic engagement, persistence, and motivation for academic success. Students earned digital badges for their work and created portfolios on the LRNG platform (LRNG.org).

In the summer program, NYCWP teachers guided the tenth grade ELLs in activities including:

  • Open exploration

  • Daily writing

  • Community building

  • Applications of various tools (PowToon,NowComment, working with .mp3s, Google Docs)

  • Guided and self-directed research, writing and revision

  • Commenting/connecting on https://youthvoices.live

  • Producing/editing audio and video

  • Completing online learning challenges to earn digital badges

  • Created portfolios on https://lrng.org

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