Summer Wrap-Up of the Summer Opens

This summer the New York City Writing Project hosted two separate Summer Open Institutes. Participants who completed these professional learning workshops, earned CTLE credits and engaged with other teaching professionals from across New York City.

Here are some highlights from the two Summer Open Institutes:

July 9-12, 2018

Writing Project 101: An Introduction to Writing and Reading with the Writing Project

A diverse group of twelve educators representing levels from elementary to graduate school came together to write, read, talk and think about their students and their lives as teachers. They shared their knowledge as well as their writing, and reexamined their approaches to literacy. Along the way they came to understand on a visceral level why and how the best teachers of teachers are other teachers.

The thoughts and ideas of first year teacher, David Garcia, are heard and appreciated.

Fourth Grade science teacher, Richard Geldmacher, reads his amusing piece from the group’s Instant Publication.

Rachel Dooley posts her inquiry topic preparing to crowd-source resources.

July 23-26, 2018

Getting Real: The Writing Project and Your Students in Your Classroom

The “Getting Real” Summer Open was a full week introduction to NYCWP practices with a focus on individualizing instruction for all learners.  Participants experienced workshops that they will adapt for their students immersing themselves in their own reading and writing. A true community of teacher-writers was formed in these four short days and the week culminated with a read-around publication.

Participants engage in an active listening protocol while in writing groups.

The publishing wall included “Words of Wisdom” from our nightly readings that jump started morning conversations.

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