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Steal these Ideas for Poem in Your Pocket Day

April 24, 2018

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Steal these Ideas for Poem in your Pocket Day

Poem in your Pocket Day can be a gloriously easy way to celebrate and appreciate poetry. How do you share your love of poetry with your students and colleagues? Please feel free to steal these ideas!

Have students peruse poems and the copy snippets or whole short poems onto bookmarks to share with classmates, friends and parents. Here is one example for elementary school aged students.

Join the celebration by printing one of the following poems from This PDF includes a free poems and a guide for celebrating in your school, community, or business.

Use the National Council Teachers of English lesson plan to create a staple-less mini book of poetry to carry with you.

Peruse these ideas from the New York Times Learning Network to use infuse poetry into your classroom and your day. You can find a favorite poem, create a found poem, color on text to make a black out poem, compose a micro poem or engage with many other ideas for writing and reading poetry here.