Alison Koffler-Wise receives BRIO Award, 2016!

May 20, 2016

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The NYCWP is thrilled to announce to our community that our very own Alison Koffler-Wise is the 2016 recipient of the BRIO Award for Poetry from the Bronx Council for the Arts! Bronx Recognizes Its Own (BRIO) provides direct support to individual Bronx artists who create literary, media, visual, and performing works of art. 25 BRIO grants of $3,000 each are awarded to Bronx artists. BRIO award winners complete a one-time public service activity. The awards are based solely on artistic excellence. Winners are selected by a panel of arts professionals representing the award disciplines. BRIO awardees must complete a one-time public service activity to receive their complete cash award. Known as the ACE (Artists for Community Enrichment), this activity is an essential component for all BRIO recipients and must be performed within the one-year period of their award. The ACE provides artists with additional visibility and demonstrates to the community the wealth of artistic talent available in our borough.
We are incredibly proud to have Alison as part of our community and to celebrate this fantastic accomplishment with her.