Opportunity for NYCWP teachers with NJ SEEDS

The NYCWP has been fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with NJ SEEDS. We are now excited to share an opportunity with NJ SEEDS with our community, in the hope that our teachers will choose to get involved with their College Scholar Program (CSP), which will work with low-income high school juniors and seniors in New Jersey to prepare them for acceptance into and success at highly-competitive private universities upon their graduation. Please note that this opportunity will be in New Jersey. This is a courtesy post for NJ SEEDS; all questions should be directed to the organization and not to the NYCWP. Please see below for more information about this opportunity.


NJ SEEDS is committed to expanding educational opportunities for high-achieving, low-income students so that they have the chance to make the most of their talents and contribute fully to society. NJ SEEDS places its program participants in independent schools and colleges around the country.

NJ SEEDS currently operates three programs: The Scholars Program, which prepares middle school students for entrance into independent high schools, The Young Scholars Program, which prepares elementary school-aged students for entrance into independent middle schools, and the College Preparatory Program (CPP), which prepares public high school students for matriculation into competitive four-year colleges and universities.  CPP is currently being transitioned into a new program, College Scholar Program (CSP).

CSP will work with high-achieving low-income juniors and seniors from Northern New Jersey.  In the 17-month program, participants will receive intensive academic, college application, and social supports so that they can be accepted to and succeed in highly competitive colleges and universities.  The program will start with 20 juniors in February 2016.

The teachers are expected to arrive at noon each Saturday.  The course will be taught from 12:15pm to 2:15pm.  Classes will be from February through June.  The class site, which is still being determined, will be held on a college campus near the Newark area.

The stipend is $175 per Saturday.

Please download the attached job posting if you are interested in more information about the roles and responsibilities of participants, and for information about how to apply.


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