Vote for the NWP / Youth Voices DMLTrust Proposal!

Support the National Writing Project and Youth Voices by  voting our joint proposal, “Trust and Online Civic Discourse” in the DMLTrust Challenge.  You can cast your vote here by clicking the heart at the top of the proposal:

Youth Voices was born a dozen years when a group of Writing Project teachers came together to create an online space for their students. They asked:

What if we made a site that anybody could join, that would exist before and after any particular class took place, where the students’ work would be kept and easy to access for a long time? What if we became a community of teachers and students working together to build a place for conversations around digital media and writing?

As Youth Voices moves into its adolescence, we are more than excited about the next stage for this work, represented by our “Trust and Online Civic Discourse” proposal. This will give us a chance to develop the platform around which has grown an amazing group of teachers across the United States.

Age 12 is an important turning point in many traditions. Help us grow Youth Voices into the platform and the community that it can be by voting for us on the DML Trust Challenge.

What does the grant propose?

The NWP / Youth Voices Trust and Online Civic Discourse project will provide young people with skills and competencies to engage in conversation about civic and political issues that matter to them via the open platform Youth Voices, while providing them with the trust and confidence that they can do so without the kinds of vitriolic attack responses that are common in online dialogue spaces today. Though Youth Voices is an already existing publishing platform, we now seek to establish curriculum and technical solutions to help young people engage in respectful disagreement as they make themselves vulnerable by tackling politically sensitive subjects.

The project brings together a range of institutional partners – the National Writing Project, the Educating for Democracy in the Digital Age Project of the Youth and Participatory Politics Research Network, Youth Voices, and Makewaves – who seek to reimagine and substantially upgrade Youth Voices and leverage it as a laboratory for civic discourse. The goal is to realize the ambition of a trusted platform for young people where they can engage with peers and mentors through posts and commenting about challenging and controversial issues.

Ultimately, Trust and Online Civic Discourse will support Youth Voices community members to interact with curriculum and badges related to civic dialogue based on research and an educational framework developed by the YPP Network. The proposal will support educators to develop and pilot this curriculum in Youth Voices, and also utilize technical solutions to promote trust and open civic dialogue via upvoting and peer-issued badges.

The NYCWP encourages members of its community to vote for this valuable project.  Please vote for this proposal by following the link and clicking the heart at the top of the page:

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