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NWP in the News: Teachers Must Write to Become Great Teachers of Writing

November 14, 2014

Last Updated on by Jane Higgins

The Gates Foundation Blog recently posted that Teachers Must Write to Become Great Teachers of Writing.  When talking about teachers who write, no article would be complete without mentioning the National Writing Project; this article is no exception.  In fact, the article leads with an incredibly powerful quote from a Pittsburg ISI participant:

When asked about her experience in one the of National Writing Project’s intensive summer institutes, Pittsburgh kindergarten teacher and Project fellow Melissa Burns does not mince words: She calls it “the only professional development I’ve had that has had a profound impact on my teaching.”

The article goes on to tell a little more about NWP and to encourage teachers to participate in the Summer Institute of one of the 200+ NWP sites (of which NYCWP is one of the largest!) around the country.

Information about NYCWP’s Summer Institute, which will run in July, is forthcoming at