NYCWP Teacher-Leaders meet with John Legend



NYCWP Teacher-Leaders meet with John Legend and NWP’s Executive Director, Elyse Eidman-Aadahl. From Left: Christy Kingham (Young Women’s Leadership, Queens); John Legend; Jenny Adelman (International HS at Union Square, Manhattan); Marina Lombardo (PS 94, the Kings College School, Bronx); Elyse Eidman-Aadahl (Executive Director, NWP); Sam Saltz (ELLIS Preparatory Academy, Bronx).



NYCWP Teacher-Leaders recently met with musician John Legend and Executive Director of the National Writing Project (NWP) to discuss Legend’s latest philanthropic ventures in education.  Participants had the opportunity to share their teaching practice with Legend, as well as to ask him questions about his music, his interest in education and his own experiences as a student.

From the article:

John Legend made a startling discovery during his junior year in high school: He could write. “It was a big revelation,” the chart-topping musician tells THR. “My teacher made storytelling come alive for me and showed me that I could be a storyteller, too.”

Which explains why Legend, 35, is launching a program called LRNG (pronounced “learning”) — an offshoot of his 7-year-old anti-poverty Show Me Campaign — to help educators in New York City, and eventually throughout the country, develop tech-friendly teaching practices that make sense for 21st century students. Working in partnership with the National Writing Project, Legend’s latest initiative encourages educators to think in new ways about their jobs and sets up methods for them to stay connected to one another with mentoring and idea-sharing programs.

To read more about Legend’s work in schools, as well as to hear from the NYCWP Teacher-Leaders who participated in this opportunity, the entirety of the article can be found at The Hollywood Reporter.

You can also see the NYCWP-affilitated teachers in conversation with John Legend, as well as learn about the philanthropic efforts of other celebrities profiled by The Hollywood Reporter, by watching the video below.

UPDATE: The NYCWP was one of the recipients of the LRNG/Educator Innovator Grants in 2014. The funding from that grant has directly provided programming for students in NYC schools in 2014-2015 and 2015-2016. To find out more about our proposal and LRNG/Educator Innovator, visit

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