TTT Kicked off Connected Learning Month

Connected Learning


October is Connected Learning Month.  Are you interested in immersing your students in media, expanding their digital literacies and connecting them with a wider network of peers and teachers using the Internet?  Not sure where to begin?

Teachers Teaching Teachers (TTT) is a weekly webinar that brings together educators to discuss major topics in education.  The broadcast is streamed live every Wednesday at 9:00 EST (6:00 PST) and, if you’re camera shy, also features a chat component which will allow you to add your voice without appearing on screen.

TTT kicked off Connected Learning Month on October 1, 2014 with a special-focus Connected Educator Month webinar as part of the “Student Agency, Voice, and the Maker Movement” theme.  This broadcast set the stage for a month-long set of conversations about creating space, time and opportunities for connected learning in the classroom.  An open online forum for youth and their teachers called was highlighted as a space that many regulars at TTT work in with youth.

Teachers Teaching Teachers is exactly what it claims to be – an opportunity for educators to touch base as peers and colleagues about connected learning and daily practice. Held every Wednesday evening at 9pm ET, New York City high school teacher Paul Allison invites open dialogue and conversations, “water cooler style,” among a range of teachers and learners from K-University educators, to developers, artists, mentors, coaches, designers, makers, dreamers and students.

We invite you to connect with others using TTT  throughout October. TTT is streamed live via Google Hangout at and includes a chat to increase the numbers who are able to participate.

To watch or participate in the webcasts, visit

You can view the October 1 broadcast here:

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