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RESOURCES: March 2012


Tune in monthly to access highlighted resources and opportunities for teachers and students to use in the classroom and beyond. For ease of use, each title is hyperlinked and key dates are stated in bold font and italicized.


This collection of resources explores the issues surrounding the use of new technology within the classroom. Specifically, Digital Is uses stories of teachers beginning their journeys of utilizing technology in the classroom as a way to provide framework and support for teachers to answer the questions of where and how to begin.

Together with the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Verizon Foundation and the Thinkfinity Consortium, EDSITEment provides a compilation of highly-rated humanities and history related resources for students, teachers, and parents.  Its website reveals that it is “one of the top 25 websites for 2010 by the America Association of School Librarians and has been accepted into the Smithsonian Institution’s Permanent Research Collection of Information Technology.”

Open Educational Resources (OER)
OER provides users with the opportunity to not only access its resources, but to edit and add to them as well.  Users have free access to download its resources for use in the classroom and/or edit these and re-upload them back to the website for use by all.  OER is a one-stop access point for educational resources, since creators of the site scourer the Internet for educational resources and house them in their databases.

A platform that makes classroom presentations more interactive, Prezi also increases student engagement with the information presented.  The website provides users with the opportunity to begin with a basic use of Prezi and then advance to more intricate designs. To use this free resource, educators and students register with a current school email address and provide school name information.  From there users create a profile and begin creating a Prezi presentation.

Teaching the Research Paper
A page among the many resources provided by the English Companion Ning, Teaching the Research Paper is dedicated to the discussion of ideas, strategies, practices, theory and questions around the teaching and learning of the research paper. It is, like the English Companion Ning, a forum for teachers created and sustained through teacher discussion.

World Savvy Global Resources
World Savvy provides extensive teaching resources around global themes including curricula, lesson plans, videos, multimedia presentations and publications. World Savvy invites educators to register for their free Global Educators Network which provides users with monthly updates on the resources available to them.  In addition, the site provides opportunities for high school and middle school students to compete with their knowledge of world issues for scholarships.


American Youth Leadership Program in Bangladesh
The American Youth Leadership Program (AYLP) is offering a four week exchange in Bangladesh. Thirty students and five educators will get the opportunity to travel to Bangladesh to examine issues of climate change. The application for the 2012-2013 trip opens on February 13th, 2012.

Grants for Educational Travel for High School Students
Council on International Educational Exchange is only one of the organizations that provides scholarships to students who wish to pursue a study-abroad experience.  Compiled by USA Today, this website provides educators suggestions and tools for helping students with the study-abroad process, and the organizations that wish to help those students who need extra support to make studying abroad a reality.

Teen Ink
A long-standing premier magazine for teens that welcomes all writers–fledgling and strong alike–the opportunity to publish their writing in multiple genres, Teen Ink features both online and print access.  Online, students can participate in discussions of self-generated topics, and see their work published in the print magazine.


Annenberg Learner
Sponsored by the Annenberg Foundation, opportunities for professional development are provided through print, video and web media. Participation in a program is offered with a facilitator, through self-study or graduate credit.  The site also offers a distance learning component for institutions and includes a plethora of free resources for use in the classroom categorized by discipline.

Educators Invited to Respond to Common Core State Standards
The National Writing Project provides a summary of NWP’s involvement in the drafting process of the Common Core State Standards as well as a brief overview of Literacy within the Standards. This NWP article urges educators to follow the link provided to read, respond and make suggestions to the Common Core State Standards by April 2, 2012.


—Curated by Tricia Clarke and Taina Torres

photo: TokyoLunch

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